Thaipusam happens on the full moon in the Tamil month of Thai. On this day, thousands of Hindu devotees honors Murugan, the son of Shiva and Parvati.
It is believed that on this day, Parvati presented a spear to Murugan to vanquish an evil demon and combat its evil deeds.
In other words, Thaipusam is a celebration of the triumph of good over evil.

Devotees prepare for Thaipusam by fasting for about a month or even longer.
On the day of the festival, they shave their heads, bear pots of milk, smash coconuts, pierce their bodies with sharp objects, carry kevadis and undertake a pilgrimage from the Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple at 397 Serangoon Road in the Little India district and concluding at Sri Thandayuthapani Temple on 15 Tank Road which is about five kilometers long.